Milk Bottle Tops

The Lions bottle tops recycling Scheme - Covid 19 update

We can no longer actively collect bottle tops whilst the Covid-19 pandemic continues. The person further up the chain who takes our bottle tops is no longer taking them and is unlikely to restart anytime in the foreseeable future. At this time we have nowhere else to take them. Please refrain from taking bottle tops to the Lions Hut and other drop off points. Any bottle tops that you currently have please recycle as you did prior to the Lions recycling scheme.

its sad to see an important recycling project end this way and we express our thank to you for your support which was gratefully received.

What we Budleigh Salterton Lions club, indeed all the clubs in the 105sw area are primarily trying to encourage is better environmental concern for where our plastics go after we have had use of them. Milk tops are made in the millions every year and can be be recycled by a Southwest company known to the Lions who manufacture items from the tops such as for example certain types of childrens toys and other general use items that can be made from that particular type of plastic.


This recycling company on receipt of the milk tops  weighs them and donates a small amount per kilogram to an agreed charity which currently is for Multiple Sclerosis.


The alternative is to carry on putting them into our domestic recycle bins or worse still into our large bins not knowing where they will end up, quite possibly in a Landfill which is obviously very wasteful and affects the environment.


The Budleigh Salterton Lions current ongoing scheme in the community therefore is to encourage sensible reuse of one of the most common recyclable plastics in general use and also to help us support a national charity by asking people wherever possible to get into the habit of saving their used milk tops, ideally washing and drying them first and then whenever it is convenient for them to get them to to the Lions by taking them either to the Library, Bradleys estate agents, Fulfords estate agents, or put them through the letter box of the Lions wooden hut opposite the Spar shop. We then collect them from those other locations every 10 days or so and take them to the TIC hut for sorting and storage before taking them to be recycled 


If any people have concerns or questions regarding any part of this scheme or process they can contact Bryan Miller on 07854652301 or by emailing the Lions at